Starting and running your own business can be a very fulfilling task. As well as having more time on your hands, when you are the boss you have the creative freedom to make choices and decisions without having to listen to criticism or being held back from doing things the way you want to.

It also gives you the chance to contribute to your local community and society.


One things for certain though – your business will not thrive unless you inform people about it. This is why the advertising and marketing of your business is an important aspect to consider.

Sticker printing is one of the best and easiest ways to grab potential clients and customer’s attention to your business’s existence and inform them of what you offer. You may ask why custom printed stickers are so effective.

Well, they are concise, inexpensive, colourful and quite small. In comparison to advertisements on the radio and television that are only available for a short time, printed stickers with their colourful presentation and designs will leave a lasting impression on the people you want to target.

Handy Tips For Effective Printed Sticker Marketing

Once you decide to use stickers as an advertising method, there are a number of things you need to consider before you purchase them. These include:

The Design Of The Sticker

As stickers are used to inform potential customers with a particular message pertaining to your business, the way that message is conveyed is important. So when designing your stickers make sure that they include icons and images related to your business and contain appealing colours that will help your brand and message stay firmly in the mind of your target audience.

The Areas You Place Stickers

There will be greater demand in some areas for your products or services rather than others. Before you start putting your stickers up you should do a survey or questionnaire of the places you are considering sharing your stickers up to make sure people in that area will be interested in your business and what it offers.

When you actual start sharing your stickers, you should try to use entertaining and catchy introductions to increase the chances of people taking one.

There’s More To Getting Your Stickers Noticed

In order for your potential clients and customers to be captivated by your custom printed stickers you will need to do more than just add some professional logos and bright colours. This is where you can make full use of your creative imagination.

For example if you are promoting products related to stables and horse care, it would be sensible to include horse-related graphics such as a picture of a horse shoe, saddle or a picture of a horse’s head.

If however, you are promoting a product or service directed at children, it usually works best to include comical cartoon pictures of children or funny characters. This may not attract a parent’s attention, but you can be sure that their child will be caught hook line and sinker and normally children can affect their parents buying decisions.

Eye-Catching Bumper Stickers

How many times have you noticed a message, product or service when it has been advertised using a bumper sticker. The reason stickers on the back of a car are so effective is that while on the motorway it may be hard to work out what they say; many people end up in nose to tail commuter traffic, which of course allows you plenty of time to take in everything about the car in front of you.

So one sticker on one car can actually promote your business to hundreds or thousands of people (depending on the population and percentage that drive in the area where you share bumper stickers)

Public Areas Work Best

By choosing to place stickers in areas of heavy human traffic such as public bathrooms, beaches, streets, roads and crossings you will get your message across to a greater amount of people.

Some examples of choosing creative places to stick imaginative and eye catching stickers include a beer company sticking a pint of beer round the handles of the doors to a busy shopping centre, so that people opening the door experience the illusion of holding a full glass of beer.

Or a coffee company that places a sticker image over a manhole so that when steam rises from the manhole it makes the picture look like a steaming hot cup of coffee.