In the past two decade or so, start-ups have managed to entirely raise the lid in the world of enterprise than at any other time in history.

Mostly within the tech sphere, the rise of some of them has been phenomenon to the extent that, they have set a surprising precedent, even to the world’s most seasoned entrepreneurs like Warren Baffet. However, the success of a few has also made start-ups a sea of many failures and the purpose of this article is to clearly define some of the most successful ones in the past decade.

Startup Projects

Note that, most of these startups are online businesses run by the youth generation.


There is actually no better start-up of the past decade that surpasses Facebook in any mean possible.

This start-up, which picked up just after 2008, has grown so much that it’s dominated everything there is online. Founded and currently run by Mark Zuckerberg,

Facebook has completely revolutionized social media-even brought that term live. With its recent IPO in 2012, Facebook is looked at by all the other start-ups because it’s just inspirational and massive.

Of course Facebook came with massive casualties like MySpace, Ning and Bebo, which previously run social media.


This is another start-up of the last decade that has also grown so much. With a life that is defined almost the same as that of Facebook, Zynga came and took social gaming to the next level.

Living on social platform such as the latter, Zynga is the world’s largest social gaming network, with at least 50 million daily users. Presently, this start-up has an estimated net worth of above 5 billion dollars and still growing.


Wikipedia is another great start-up that has defines the last decade. Started as an online encyclopedia, the levels of growth it’s witnessed cannot be compared to another. Wikipedia has become the sole global online encyclopedia and ii still growing.

As a non-profit, Wikipedia’s business model is different but continues to grow, regardless. Its network is estimated to be beyond five billion dollars and manages its processes through donations from millions of people worldwide.


Everyone will accept that in the past decade or so, communication has completely revolutionized. Starting from text, mobile telephony, social media and video, Skype is one service that took video communication to the next level.

Skype powers all the video communications between online individuals real time such that, individuals separated by miles, can see each other in chat. Its net worth is estimated above 4 billion presently and still going strong into the future.


Twitter just like Facebook is one of the most progressive social media platforms that have characterized the past decade.

With a usage that is next to that of Facebook, Twitter has been adapted well in the corporate world with companies and brands using it to disseminate news, live. It has a positive future and will definitely be present in the next decade.

Whereas this list is biased towards technology, its one of the spheres that have faced massive growth and have had the most impact on most people.