When starting a business having a successful marketing plan means to incorporates social media. Everyone knows how to use traditional marketing such as print and television– this is expensive; but using social media to market a business is a relatively new tool that you know how to use effectively.

When used effectively, social media marketing can go viral for pennies on the dollar, reach more people, and reach a targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

Some social media tools are blogging, putting the press releases on free websites, incorporating Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn.


Blogging is writing short articles that are informative that you can set up on Word Press or e-zine articles. It is important to understand what the keywords are in your article that will link back to you for your website to increase your ranking in search engine optimization.


Twitter is a website where you can go and in 40 characters or less write something to promote your business or promote articles you have written.

People who don’t understand how to use Twitter effectively will often post personal information to friends and forget that the message goes viral where anyone who follows you can see; here you can pay to get it many followers as possible for you can follow as many people as you want to and see what they are posting.


Facebook is another social media site. Facebook was initially started as a way for college students to communicate with each other across the country. It has evolved into a site for business people to connect with each other and form groups for their business.

In these groups you could write messages or post short articles that you have posted on other sites with links. It’s also a way to connect with other business people where you can joint venture and build both businesses together.


Instagram is an application you can download to your smart phone and take pictures that you can post on your twitter account or your Facebook account with messages which your followers can see and message you back.


YouTube is a site you can upload promotional videos to promote any business you’re in, put up training videos for your affiliates and distributors to watch at any time.


LinkedIn is a social media site where both entrepreneurs and employees of a company who are looking for new positions can post their resume or a business opportunity, join groups to network with other members with similar interests in business.

Social media is becoming a necessary tool to use to reach as many people as possible by marketing that goes viral and attracts attention through word of mouth advertising and little out-of-pocket expenses.