If you’ve recently started a business or plan to in the near future, then you know that managing any business is expensive.

You can’t afford to throw money around. But if you’re thinking of saving costs by not hiring a large staff, then consider the following five positions and how crucial they will be to your start-up.

Business Start Up

Administrative Assistant

You may not realize it, but having an administrative assistant can make or break your business. The right support staff will help prepare documents, set up appointments, contribute to design ideas and complete several menial or tedious tasks that might get in the way of advancing the business in a profitable direction. The administrative person plays a crucial role in a developing business.

Marketing Director

If you don’t have someone to market your business either physically or via the web, then you might as well not open a business at all. Even if you have marketing experience, as the head of a start-up, you won’t have time to micromanage every aspect.

Marketing plays a vital role in a start-up, and you’ll want someone with experience and expertise to manage your online and physical presence.

Make sure the marketing person has experience with SEO, social media, and establishing a brand. These are some of the most important factors when hiring a marketing director.

IT/Computer Person

There are several places a person with a master of computer science online degree can go to get a job, but the business world is one of the smartest places to go. People who know about computers will offer substantial help to your business.

Having an IT person on-call to help you set up a new system and maintain an existing one in the future is a smart investment for your fledgling company. Hiring a person who knows how to use javascript and HTML can be great for your website and web development.

Financial Person/Accountant

Whether you want a full-time accountant or someone who helps solely with payroll taxes, you need to find a reliable financial adviser to help you maintain start-up expenses and other financial aspects of your company.

While you might be able to figure out Quickbooks on your own, you’ll need someone to guide you through the complexities of payroll, quarterly taxes and other tricky expenses.


Every company relies on sales, whether directly or indirectly. You need someone on staff who knows how to sell your company’s business, even virtual ones. Like a marketing expert, a salesperson knows how to put a positive spin on your product and can draw in the right supporters to maintain your company’s growing momentum.

Starting a business can be expensive, and you might try to save money by hiring a handful of people in the beginning.

However, these five positions are worth your investment. Each position will help your company achieve greater things, and they might just save your fledgling business from failure.