From every corner of the world SEO services are springing up. Some are interested in helping their clients while some others are just bunglers. The latter sort is nothing more than parasites. Bunglers do provide some results but they are not worth the pay.

In the end, you find yourself frustrated and despise the SEO community.

SEO Service For Small Businesses

However, though the above is a usual picture. It does not have to be the same. The responsibility lies on your shoulder in finding the right SEO service. In this post, I have provided some tips on finding the right company for your business.

Before that, I would like to take some time in telling you what not a SEO Company is. A package with x number of links and x number of comments is just ridiculous. SEO is not a definite science.

A company, which provides such packages, is just consuming your money with temporary results. Any company that provides links blindly should not be considered as a SEO company.

Here are some ways in finding the right SEO service for your business

Talk to them:

The first sign in finding the right SEO service is to know whether they contact in person. Many services take the order, execute them, and finally demand a payment. Maybe this sort of practice might work in the other realms of service providing. However, in SEO this practice is not encouraged and not fruitful.

Only SEO firms who contact in person and listens your woes can tell your requirement and act accordingly. Therefore, look for firms that listen to you not just take orders.

Customized Packages:

As said above a predefined package will not benefit you. Those packages are meant to lure business people who do not have the slightest idea about SEO. Of course, I am not asking you to learn SEO from A to Z.

However, I am asking you to know that these predefined packages will not help your business. Go for customized packages, which will prove beneficial, and worth every penny.

#1 Guarantee

A realistic SEO firm will never guarantee you #1 position. This is because no one can guarantee it. If some SEO firm guarantees #1 position either, it is a deception or the ranking will be temporary. SEO is a progressive approach.

If by any means, you have reached the top position there are high chances that you will move down the ladder. Therefore, a realistic and reasonable SEO firm will always assure you of high ranking but will never guarantee of #1 position.


Generally, the person behind a SEO firm will be visible; a good sign of their legit service is. Look for service that shows the person behind and lists their contacts. Many SEO sites never reveal their location and their service should be questioned.

Therefore, in your attempt to look for a legit and right SEO service look for the person who is behind.

Guest Post: Richie Richardson provides guest posting service and with the help of his small team he runs small business seo service. Richie blogs at Zarrylyms on topics like SEO and Internet Marketing.