Business signs are the unsung hero of most businesses. Unfortunately, many business owners focus on business cards, print advertising, and even Facebook marketing before they ever consider updating or expanding their marketing with business signs.

It’s unfortunate because a business sign is one of the first things people see before they walk into your establishment.


If you’re on the fence about whether or not you should invest more time or money into your business sign, here are some advantages to consider.

You Get a More Professional Look

There are a lot of small businesses operating with nothing more than a simple banner or plastic sign. However, upgrading your facade may make your business look more professional. For example, aluminum letters can give your company that “finished” look – a modern, more industrialized look.

Aluminum can also make your company look high-tech. This is especially useful if you run a high-class gym, a modern spa, a holistic health and wellness center, or any other business where being seen as “cutting-edge” is an advantage.

You Increase Awareness

There’s something about a new sign that sticks out. Sometimes it’s the polished finish. Sometimes it’s the accent lighting. Sometimes, it’s the mere fact that your facade has received an update.

If you’re on a busy street, and you’re not getting the foot traffic that you should be getting, the problem may be as simple as an old sign.

You know people shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but the truth is that many people do. If your sign looks faded, is cracked, has missing or non-functioning lights, or just looks old, then you need to do something about it.

Your storefront may look abandoned, or you may look like you’re not serious about providing a high-quality product or service. That’s a major turn-off for a lot of people.

But a business sign isn’t just valuable as something to decorate your facade. It’s also a very effective marketing tool. how many times have you been driving down the road, or a highway, and seen a large sign for a major restaurant chain?

You may not have stopped in to grab a bite to eat, but you still noticed it. Now, think about all of the other people on the road with you that also saw that sign and all of the people throughout the day that saw that sign.

Now think about all of the people traveling on that road every day that you don’t see. Those people are exposed to that business sign. At least some of them will stop in to grab something to eat. If those signs didn’t work, large companies wouldn’t spend the money on them – it wouldn’t be worth it.

You Gain More Customers

Business signs can lead to sales. Don’t think so? Take a drive through your city sometime. Take a look at a business with a new-looking sign. Now look at a business, in the same industry, that looks old and dilapidated (there’s always at least one hanging on). Now, think about where you personally would want to shop.

You can even stop into each establishment and inquire about the amount of business – in general – that the company does in an average day. Odds are the business that has a better business sign, and that looks new and “fresh” has more foot traffic and does more business.