Domain names can be of any length up to 67 characters, and you don’t need to settle for an obscure acronym name. The prudence in choosing a domain is that it should be short and memorable.

It’s always great if you manage to find a short domain name for your website. But what if you cannot find any? In that, situation go for bigger one.

Short Domain Names

Some argue that shorter domain names are easier for people to remember and also ranks well in search engine. For instance, is a lot simpler to remember than Others may argue that a longer domain name is easier to remember particularly if it is a catchier phrase. The catchier it is the more users are more likely to remember and will type directly into the browser or the search box.

It is no secret that most search engines, including Google look at the domain name when they visit any website. However, nobody really knows how greatly it impacts the raking as the search engine algorithms are actually secrets. However, we do assume that short name has benefits over long in terms of SEO.

Google and Yahoo also constantly changing their algorithms to avoid favoring websites that are using black hat SEO techniques to rank their website. However, to be on the safe side you might want to consider a domain name which is short and rich with keywords. This will help your site to rank well even if you have very less backlinks.

Some believe that short domain names used to work like charm but not anymore. There are many successful websites too that are doing fine job with their long names.

Here are some tips, which teach you when it is OK to go for a long domain name.

Long domain names are preferred only when you are going to get traffic through an advertising medium like Google adwords or by other means. However, it can be a lot more productive then you imagined. Search engine has grown smarter, and they always try to find the exact result for the search query made.

Suppose you have a business of selling web templates and your website URL is Then on every search query ” free web template” is made in search engine, Chances are your website would rank higher than others website.

There are other factors too, which determine search engine positioning of a website but in long run your website will outperform them.

Quick Tip: You can search for keyword phrase and see how many websites are having long URL; this will give you a better idea how to make up your domain name. It is normally a good idea to get a shorter name as, but if you choose a long name, it has to be meaningful. If you choose a longer name, then make sure the words, you use is more memorable.