Back link plays a major role in website ranking. More links pointing to your website higher the rank will be in search engine. As a website owner you cannot afford to waste time in looking for link partners and getting denied for your every proposal.

You must always utilize your time in such a way that it fetches you more than your input.

SEO With The Help Of Article Directory

To get started first you need to write an article regarding your products and service that your website offers and submit it to the article directories. A reader who reads your article can visit your website through the resource box which you provide at the end of the article.

Resource box contains website information, and most important it contains a URL pointing to your website. If someone decided to publish your article on their blog or website or newsletter. They must add your resource box as well, by this you can get targeted visitors to your website, and a quality back link.

If you are not good in writing articles you can always ask your friends to do it for you, or you can hire some expert. There are websites specially meant for that. You can submit your project in desire category, and you can set budget as well. People then bid on your project, and you can choose one of them. They are called freelance writers to whom you can hire to write as many articles as you want.

Remember more articles you submit to article directories more exposure your website will get. And don’t forget there is always a back link from each of your article, which is doing its jobs.

However, before submitting any article to article directory you must consider few things,

Quality: Quality is most important aspect of any article. It will reflect your knowledge any also your skills. From good grammar to presentation, everything matters. When a user is satisfied with what he or she wrote, they would consider visiting your website and will try to know more about your service or product.

Memorable experience will make people want to come back for more, resulting in a higher return rate and also more traffic. Whereas a poor quality will only harm your reputation and also ranking.

Originality: Dont just write content for the sake of article marketing, originality should be the key. Readers of article directories and also search engines are not happy with the same-old content or the copied one.

They always look for something new. Your content must be unique in your niche and should help your readers by providing information, which is not available anywhere else.

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Image Credit: Ed Yourdon