SEO companies and Web Design Solutions are closely linked or at least that is the way it should be. Every web site owner wants his web visitors to find his site with ease.

To achieve this, close link between web design and search engine optimization must be established. The services provided by a Search Engine Optimization company are responsible for improving rankings of a website.

SEO Web Design

Also they draw more internet traffic to your website. If your site has a good visual appeal it is bound to grab the attention of the visitors and engage them on the webpage to read the content and navigate through all the web pages.

SEO basically markets your web site by promoting it. It lets the user know about the presence of your website online and also draw them to visit the web pages.

If you want to know the quality of your webpage from an SEO angle then you should get familiar with the term ‘Bounce Rate’. It is the best way to weigh the effectiveness of the website.

Google offers bounce rate which explains the single page visits of the landing page of a website. It is the SEO’s responsibility to set a target to get a low bounce rate of your landing page.

If web visitors do not stay much on your landing page it implies that the content is irrelevant to the information mentioned in the ad copy on the search engine or the content is not interesting. Provide the landing page with the related and relevant content to get a low bounce rate.

The keywords used in the ad copy must have a relation with the content so that the web site visitors would be tempted to stay and navigate to other pages, lowering the bounce rate.

Of all the pages in a website it is undoubtedly the home page that is the most important. The more you make the home page attractive more the number of visitors.

Similarly the content on the homepage plays highly significant role to increase the number of visitors. The content on the homepage should be reflecting ads so that visitors find the content relevant to their search keywords.

Provide links on the home page to other web pages so that visitors can click on these links as well on the homepage; you need to provide links to additional WebPages so that visitors can click on these links to move to the landing pages of the site.

Therefore, Web Design solutions help SEO companies in achieving the goal easily. A good website design from a SEO perspective should have, internal links resulting in better navigation, relevant naming conventions, optimum page download time and suitable folder structure.

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Nagendra Singh is an SEO expert at the award winning SEO Company, SEO Corporation. He handles premium clients of the company including two fortune 1000 companies