Pay per click or search engine optimization, which technique you should adopt to promote your website successfully? There is always debate over these two techniques. Some may consider PPC marketing as a huge waste of money while others may not favor search engine optimization.

In fact, the two marketing strategies are the ideal techniques depending what you are promoting and when you are promoting. Both can give you good results, and you can also lose money if you do it wrong.


SEO Vs Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC marketing is a method get instant exposure. This technique should be used when you have enough budget, and you are ready to lose some amount as well. Since every PPC campaign cannot always boost your sale.

When using this technique, In a matter of minutes, you can start getting traffic, and you can modify your site to convert the traffic at the best rate possible. However, sometimes we never know how many clicks are fake and how many are genuine.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO has been adopted by almost every webmaster; however, with changing Google algorithm this technique seems to lose its credibility. Those who like it view it as the free traffic and excellent opportunity for a site to converts the traffic at a decent rate. One disadvantage of SEO is that it can take few months to get your site on top position in search engine, especially on Google.

You should also remember that the ranking in search engine is never stable, it keeps on changing from time to time. Change may be due to various factors, which mean you can lose your rankings and the traffic. Whenever there is any change in the search engine algorithm and if your lose your ranking, all your money and effort go wasted.

PPC is costly and click fraud is very common, which can flop your ad campaign. SEO can bring you free traffic, but it takes a long time to reach on the top of search engine results, and rankings are always subjected to algorithm change. The actual fact is both marketing techniques must be used whenever possible, depending on your need.

Every website is unique, and no technique can guarantee you real success. You must try to combine PPC and SEO marketing both as part of your marketing approach. If you seek quick exposure, the PPC campaign should be your choice. It is also vital to monitor your campaign and tweak your site to boost conversions when needed.

At the same time, a SEO campaign must be used so that you could be benefited in the future. When your site attains a good position in search results, you can spend less on PPC campaign since you will be getting free targeted traffic.

PPC and SEO should be mutually used with caution. When blend together this duo marketing strategy can deliver the best results.