You have an absolutely amazing website for your business. But what if it is not indexed in Goolge, or what if some important pages are not indexed, such as your product pages or any service page. Greater the number of pages indexed, more the traffic will be. Since each page will rank for a particular keyword, bringing you more traffic and more business.

Google does not index all the pages, but it also depends upon other factors. Making a website attractive to the human eye, cannot always attract Google bot. Apart from that there are also other things you should consider so that Google bot crawl all of your website pages and index them.

SEO Technique

Write website content carefully, Having rich content on the page is essential to achieve a good search engine position. The content quality is also very important to attain decent ranking in search engine. Be careful with spelling and grammar too. Try to capture the attention of the web community, written information should be well-researched and with precise technical details.

To achieve the highest recognition in Google, you must encode your content in HTML, Google pays more attention to tag so establish a hierarchy on the pages, make use of H1 tags, H2, H3, etc.

This is important because Google gives an order to the information they read, according to this categorization, Lower the number greater the importance. For this reason, the main title should be H1, H2 subtitling and so on.

Interlinking all your important pages helps the Google crawler to scan and discover new pages of your website. If they think, a particular page is important they will index it. Most of the time all your pages will be indexed, but you should help Google to find them by interlinking it.

Each paragraph should be placed within a tag and try to avoid unnecessary line breaks. Important information must be marked with bold letters. This let Google to discover significant keywords of the web content.

Sitemap is a very effective method to let your website easily crawl by search engine bots. Sitemap can be in text, HTML or xml format. There is much software available to create sitemap.

However, the simplest way to create one is to write down all the URLs of your website’s pages in a text file and upload it to a root directory of your server. If you don’t have access to a root directory, you can create a page and link all the important pages.

Sitemap is very simple thing yet there are many websites that do not have. To let your sitemap to be found by Google, You can submit sitemap URL in Google’s webmasters tools.

Quick Tip: Only make few words with bold letters or Google will ignore all of them.