Google has been creating a lot of stirs in the industry since past few years now by launching a number of changes in its algorithm to deal with the spam practices, which the websites are taking up.

When it comes to ranking issues in Google, there are two main reasons why your rankings can drop. The first reason may be that you had made a technical mistake on your website, such as blocking Google bot from crawling your website. The second is Google decided through algorithms or manual actions that your site shouldn’t rank as well anymore.

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We have seen so many algorithm changes over past two years that it makes  impossible for one to know if it is a human error or its an algorithm change that has caused a drop in a website’s ranking.

The recent updates in the search algorithm of Google may have seemed too drastic if not totally devastating for many online businesses. Most of the techniques and rules that worked so well in the past many years were suddenly outdated and harmful for a website.

How to find Out What Causing The Drop in Your Website Ranking?

Check 404 Errors: This may be the reason for the sudden drop in ranking. Check your Google Webmasters tools and find out if 404 errors if any. When you delete some pages in your website, it will give you 404 errors. Since all pages are interlinked and Google crawl from one page to the other, it may seem that your website is broken, leading to the drop of its ranking.

Check Crawl Errors: Again, you need to check Google Webmasters tools to find this error if any. When Google cannot crawl your site properly it will again drop your ranking. This reason may be due to server problem or any technical issue.

Duplicate Content Issue: Google has been targeting duplicate or low-quality sites to protect the interest of quality Web Pages. This change has a widespread impact and therefore, it is very important for websites to update their content regularly to attract readers and earn traffic and higher ranking.

Not Updating Website: If the interval between posting new content is unduly long, the ranking of your site can really become too low, even if there were no changes made by the search engines in their algorithms, and you made no changes in the keywords or build any backlinks.

The above tips is the only way you are going to be able to stay ahead of the changes in the search engine algorithms in the long run. You must always publish the best possible content that you can and deliver it in a way that your readers will like it. Focus on quality rather than quantity.

It is likely that Google will continue to evolve and change according to the demands of its users. The approach to mend the search engine results to bring more relevancies will help to curb black hat SEO practices of many online networks, while enhance those who have been developing with originality.

Image Credit: Rocky_Johndb8