For those who have not updated their business website since long, it’s time to review your marketing strategy with a new information, visitor-engaging content and focused on its users. This article highlights the facts about website evaluation, online marketing and building your online brand.

An SEO marketing audit can be a real pain. Doing on your own will be very time-consuming, and the result would contain enough detail to make your head go spin.

SEO & Marketing Audit

The good thing about the thoroughness of an SEO audit is that it makes you extremely confident about what you need to change, and it is a much-needed process.

A lot of business owners and webmasters do not know much about the website audit. So why your website needs an audit? A website should undergo an audit if the business is not gaining many sales or web traffic.

This procedure can help the business owner to know if the website is gaining visitors or not and if not, it helps to identify the problems. Website audit can also be used to check on broken links so that any errors within your website can be fixed.

An SEO audit is one of the key plans of any solid Internet marketing strategy. It measures the health of your entire marketing plan, and while it is a simple concept, a good SEO audit is not much complicated. Analyzing your Website and SEO effectiveness is more than just seeing how much traffic your site had during a period of time.

It’s about analyzing from where each click is coming from, the percentage of hits on your page that converted to sales, where the weak spots in your marketing strategy are, what other opportunities are available to improve your numbers and if there are competition or other threats that may undermine your marketing abilities.

Additionally, an comprehensive report will show you if you are reaching the right demographic with your marketing efforts.

Where to get SEO Site Audit for Free?

There are numbers of SEO Companies that offer this SEO Site Audit/Analysis Report for free of cost. It is just to attract the clients among the competitive industry.

The report normally contains the present performance of your website against a range of search engine optimization criteria. It comes with major issues, SEO Drawbacks in the website and then offering advice with their plan on how to fix them.

What Does SEO Audit Company Do?

  1. Analysis content and the code of a website.
  2. Check page load time.
  3. Check website navigation.
  4. Check URL structure of your website.
  5. Check meta tags and other important tags.
  6. Check interlinking of web pages and broken links.
  7. Check sitemap and robots.txt files.
  8. and more..

Above points are just few points on how can SEO audit company can help you. The whole concept of SEO auditing is to check your website like a user do and identify the problems that make it unfriendly.

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