SEO or Search Engine Optimization has become a part of this new dynamic world known as internet. But as the internet world is not static, this very technology is no longer stick to its older position, rather it keeps changing over the time to time. The tricks that worked perfectly a year ago do not ring the bell in the current scenario.

So this technology cannot be same forever as it is now. And the main reason behind that is the changing Search Engine Logic’s.

Future Of SEO

Each and every search engine service provider like Yahoo or Google always keeps changing their algorithm that actually works behind the scene to rank or lists any website in their search result. That is why to keep the process live SEO had to change or upgrade as well as the search algorithms.

Upcoming Updates in Search Algorithm

Recently Google has updated their search engine algorithm from the very beginning of the process. The new Panda updates overtly changes a lot in this field. The previously worked techniques became obsolete without a chance. So if we like to look forward to the future of this great technology we certainly need to look through the time barrier.

The next ‘Panda’ update is going to launch in near future, and certainly it will try to make some big difference in the field. The previous ‘Panda’ created a lot of change, so it surely anticipated that the next update will bring some even more severe changes into the scene.

Expected Changes

The changes which are expected to hit the market with the upcoming Search Engine Page Rank Algorithm are as follows:

More sensible Keyword Density:

The keyword density will be evaluated more severely and sensibly. That means it is the end of the keyword stuffing techniques. Also other related keyword density will be strictly checked. To be precise if a webpage is targeted toward ‘Online Hosting’ keyword the related keywords like ‘hosting’, ‘webhosting’, ‘domain hosting’ etc. also will be evaluated during the crawling.

More Content awareness:

Many website is now making their bread and butter with the help of scrap content and some pseudo SEO techniques. That means some contents which actually does not deliver any true or genuine information but has some minimum quality to bypass the content rejection test will not get spotlight in the near future.

Proper Site structure:

A site that has a complete sitemap is now fit enough to get ranked in the search engine database. But it is anticipated that when the new algorithm will be released the crawlers will be more careful to check and judge the proper website structure and user friendliness of the website.


So we have got a general over view about the upcoming future scenarios, and it is quite easy to determine that world will not be the same as it is now.

So, to survive in the changed platform Search Engine Optimization had to upgrade as well as the Search Algorithm. Some new techniques need to be introduces and some old techniques need to be scrapped. Only then the reign of the SEO will continue all over again.

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