Q1. What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the technique of optimizing and building your website in such a way that it will get organic traffic (free traffic)from search engines.

The benefit of SEO is that your website will gain top position on the major search engines for high search keyword or phrase that you have optimized.

Q2. Why should do search engine optimization for my website?

Search engine optimization is required to attain more publicity on the Internet, and it is must for every online business to survive. It helps to get more targeted traffic to your website. The site that is optimized properly is expected to perform better in search engine.

Q3. How long will it take my website to get to the top of the search engines?

It takes about one month to six months to gain higher ranking. Though you will see quick results in Google if you are very keen in link building practice. You should keep in mind that no website can attain a top spot in Goolge for long because of competition.

Q4. Search engine ranking is guaranteed?

It is impossible to guarantee top ten rankings for common terms and keywords, since everyone will be optimizing their websites for same keywords.

Search algorithms are used by the search engines to determine the rankings. No SEO company has command over the algorithms; therefore, it is difficult guarantee rankings.

Q5. What are the factors that influence website rankings?

  • First factor that impact website’s rankings is the domain name itself.
  • The competition of keywords you working on.
  • Number of back links to your website along with anchor text used.
  • Age of a domain.
  • Quality and quantity of articles that a website has and how it is indexed.
  • The design and theme of a website can also be a factor.
  • Speed of a website. That is how quickly a website load.

SEO is never-ending process and is changing every time, with the arrival of Google panda and Google penguin update SEO world has changed. Tips that work now will might not work after few months, to be in the race you will always have to learn and apply new techniques.

Image Credit: SEOPlanter