SEO or search engine optimization is very essential for your website as it will help you to rank your site higher for a particular keyword.

The keyword is something that a search engine is always looking for, and when you optimize your site for a set of keywords, chances are your website will perform better in search engine.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

This will provide your free traffic and also more business and money. To get the best results you must always optimize it for different set of keywords. However, SEO is beyond keywords, and you should pay attention to every aspect of your websites. This includes theme, fonts, articles, etc.

Search Engine Optimization Techniques

1) Avoid black hat search engine optimization. Black hat techniques means using a trick to manipulate search engine results, which is against Google Terms and condition.

2) Prevent Spamming of keywords and website.

3) Avoid cloaking or keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing means using same keywords more than an optimum ratio. Ideal keyword ratio for an article is considered to be 4 to 5 percent.

4) Work on the keywords that are already ranking good in the search result. Watch at your website report in Google webmasters tools and analytics data to get an idea.

5) Try to obtain an older domain name rather than a new one, since there is a myth that search engines will rank old domains better, and also it will have few back links, build by previous owner. This will boost your new website as soon as it is launched. This is the reason old domain names are put on sale by its owner to make a profit.

6) Never add a keyword more than 10 times to your articles since this will result in keyword stuffing. Same thing applies to the title as well, avoid using the same word more than once.

7) Add meta tags to your web pages, this includes title, keywords, description and robot tag.

8) Add H1, H2, and H3 tags properly with the keyword with H1 tag used only for titles.

9) If possible update your site with unique content as search engines like fresh and unique content. If you do not want to change anything in your website, you can add a blog to your site.

10) Once you completed the on page optimization, start submitting your website to different web directories. Please avoid link exchange techniques to get back links.

11) Add a sitemap to your website this tells the search engine your most important pages and also helps to index it properly.

12) Add a robots.txt file to your website server. This tells bots, which pages to crawl and index and which pages to avoid.