One of the best ways to learn how to succeed is to emulate the people who already have. According to Forbes Carlos Slim Helu ($67.1 B), Bill Gates ($90 B), and Amancio Ortega ($70 B) are the 3 people among the top 10 richest person world.

How did these men get there? While each of their lives and situations vary, there are several common threads that are important to notice. Each of these men had to have hard work and determination to get where they are. How can we adopt their way of thinking?

Richest Men In The World

Have a Purpose

It’s impossible to get anywhere if you don’t have a purpose. Take time to set goals that matter to you. Don’t just set the goals that everyone else is setting. Think about what really matters in your life. During those long days at the office, these goals will provide you the motivation you need. Constantly thinking about who you want to become will help you get there.

Work On Something That Interests You

If you don’t care about what you’re doing, you’re probably not going to put your best effort into it. When Bill Gates was in 8th grade, his school bought a block of computer time for the students to use.

Gates became fascinated with computer programming and was even excused from his math class to spend time on the computer. Gates himself said, “There was just something neat about the machine”.

Take time to find what you love in life. When you find it, doing whatever it is won’t feel like work at all. You’ll become successful because you love it, not because it pays the bills.

Have a Mentor

Having someone to look up to is key. If you are starting your own business for example, a mentor can help you through potential pitfalls or poor decisions because he or she has been through it himself or herself. A mentor can be a boss, a family member, or any one else you can learn from.

Carlos Slim, the richest man in the world didn’t necessarily grow up rich. His parents immigrated to Mexico when he was a young teenager. His father was an entrepreneur who established a dry goods store and purchased real estate in a flourishing city.

Slim seemed to learn a lot from his father who taught him basic business practices. By the time he was twelve, he bought shares in a bank and at 17 he started working for his father’s company. Without his dad he may have never become who he is today. Never be too proud to think you can do it all on your own.

Increase Your Knowledge

Never stop learning. Success in business and success generally for that matter comes from understanding certain processes. The more informed you are about an issue the better decisions you will be able to make. Carlos Slim studied civil engineering, algebra and linear-programming at a university in Mexico.

Bill Gates studied at Harvard. If you don’t have a strong knowledge base, it’s less likely you will succeed.

Success comes from more than just luck. It’s not necessarily about being born into it either. By adopting the attitude of hard work and determination that these men share success is much more attainable.