If you plan on writing a blog and using it for any purpose other than your own, then you absolutely need to be willing to find ways to effectively publicize it.

Some people will tell you that all you need to do is write in your blog and then the traffic will magically arrive, but this is untrue. If nobody knows about their blog, how will they know how to find you?

Corporate Blog

1 – The first step in learning how to publicize your corporate blog is perhaps the simplest

You need to simply be willing to talk about your blog, telling everyone you know about it. You shouldn’t randomly tell people you don’t know, but if you share your blog with your friends, family members, co-workers and colleagues, you will already be building a strong readership that will only grow with time.

2 – Use your e-mail signature to tell even more people about your blog

Your e-mail signature is a small block of text that is automatically appended to the e-mail messages that you send. You can include information about your blog in your e-mail signature and then everyone who receives an e-mail from you will also receive a blog link. Experiment with different types of text and see what changes your traffic numbers and what doesn’t.

3 – Create links from your website

If you have a website that you are trying to “push” through your blog, then strive not to let it be hard to find. Link prominently from your website to your blog, and from your blog to your website. You should have a link from your website directly to the main page of your blog, and when you reference your company in your blog, you should link back to your website. It should never be difficult to find one or the other, otherwise your readers will give up and move on.

4 – List your blog in every place that you list or advertise your website

This means online materials and offline materials as well. Put your blog on your letterheads, your business cards, your advertisements, direct mail marketing efforts and even your fax header page. The more you list your blog in your marketing, advertising and communicating materials, the more exposure your blog will get. It really does not get any simpler than this.

5 – Enter into carnivals, which are an excellent way to publicize your corporate blog

These are best of lists that feature posts on a certain topic, and they have an excellent viral marketing aspect that makes this method of blogging and marketing through your blog extremely important. If you want one single blog post to work real wonders when it comes to advertising your blog, then it is essential that you seek out blog carnivals that you can participate in.