It’s important to make your provision of merchandise as professional and trustworthy as you can. The more faith your consumers have in you and the better the customer experience you can give them, the more you will be rewarded with repeat orders and a growing business.

One of the ways in which the association can help you is by fostering your development as a service provider.

Provision Of Merchandise

Aiming for Chartered status, for example, puts you in the running for the achievement of a relevant ISO accreditation – a badge proving your on-going commitment to customer service, or got the environment, or to the on-going ethical creation and distribution of your products.

The Association’s Chartered status is thus seen as a gold standard to which all members could and should aspire. Aspiration to the Charter state involves a willingness not just to prove that your service provision or your ethical commitment is high and accredited, but that your on-going commitment to these values makes you a benchmark member of the organization.

As a result there is a list of potential benefits for people doing business with Chartered members. Included in these benefits is the realization that the Charter member has earned his, her or its Charter status. Obviously an associate that has been rigorously vetted and proven is a desirable associate to have.

The Charter membership confers recognition of the quality of service, in terms of both the process by which the merchandise is created or sourced; and the product itself. It’s also proof that the product is conforming to the required standards; and that it is endorsing the ethical and environmental values that should be associated with the industry.

Choosing merchandise for a promotion is clearly in large part about picking the right products to illustrate a company message or to back up a specific launch.

However, it’s also about having the confidence that the people you choose to do business with will supply a predictable, cost effective and trustworthy service at all times. That’s a requirement that spans financial stability; and transparency of operations.

So the person or company looking to use promotional merchandise for the campaign they’re running is able to enjoy a predictable service at every level with no nasty surprises.

This all supports the budget for the promotion you’re running. You can’t accurately predict the timescales and costs of a promotion when you deal with businesses whose actions themselves are unpredictable. So relaying on or at least paying attention to, the membership status of the company you work with is a good idea.

The company in question doesn’t have to be a Charter member of the Association – but Association membership of some kind gives you the peace of mind you want plus the protection you need.

In the event that something goes wrong with the arrangement you have made the Association is able to mediate, ensuring that the consumer and the Association member are protected, and dealt with in a fair way.