There are too many ways to make your brand visible on web; most commons are of course PPC and organic SEO. People often ask which one to choose?

Is it a right question to start with? We don’t think so. They have their weakness and strength. Let’s see how they differ, what they offer and from what they suffer.

PPC v/s Organic SEO

Better Visibility

PPC is just like paying for hoarding or billboard. So, you get instant visibility. However, that visibility depends on the keywords you banking on. In case you have got wrong set of keywords, you’ll hardly see any improvement in your brand. So, you need to know what keywords your customers do follow for best value out of your PPC budget.

Time Consuming

Unlike PPC, organic SEO is more like word-of-mouth publicity. They are more effective in terms of business conversion.

However, surely it takes more time and patience. People engage in word-of-mouth publicity only when they are too satisfied with your product or services. They share because they want others to gain from it. You need to achieve that level of customer satisfaction.

Cost Matters

Many people believe that PPC is costly affair and organic SEO is for those who are short of fund to spend on marketing. It’s not completely true. Successful organic SEO often require lot of time, planning and effort. We overlook those efforts. Time, efforts and planning have their own costs. So, organic SEO is no easy and inexpensive way to bliss.

Targeted Keywords

Unlike PPC, organic SEO cannot be much targeted. In case you are targeting highly competitive keywords, organic SEO gets tougher and volatile.

Long Lasting

Unlike PPC, organic SEO lasts longer. With PPC, you can enjoy the benefits only till you are ready to pay. Once you exhaust your budget, it ends there. With organic SEO you build a loyal base of customers who again bring in more fellow customers to your business.

More Seriousness

For transaction-oriented customers PPC ads might look more attractive because you look more serious when you spend money. Organic SEO often bring in information-oriented traffic. They do not generate much conversion.

Risk of Sabotage

With PPC, your competitors can sabotage by clicking on your ads. That will cost you money but won’t give you business. This way one can bleed you to death. So, you need to be cautious. Organic SEO, obviously, bears no such threats.

So, it is not easy to come out with a single answer like PPC or organic SEO. In fact, both of them have their own uses. No commercial venture can solely rely on any one. PPC is, no doubt, the faster way to publicity.

However, rising cost of PPC for competitive keywords often make it unattractive over long period of time. Online marketing experts advise a proper mix of both these techniques. With organic SEO you build up a loyal customer base.

They again help you to sustain cost of PPC over a long period of time. So, question is not about which one of them; but about how they can be combined into a perfect mix.

Guest Post: Alyssa Clarke is a blogger who also happens to be a tech buff. She loves spending on tech stuff and is currently looking out for some nice htc evo 4g cases. She is a car lover too and her dream machine is Lamborghini.

Image Credit: TopRankOnlineMarketing