This is a relatively new social media and does not have the following of Facebook. Nevertheless, it does appeal to a segment of the online community that you cannot find elsewhere.

There are people who would never use Facebook, and yet are regular attendees of Pinterest. You also get a lot of people who are “Just looking” in the same way that you get people looking at YouTube for no particular reason.

Market Your Business With Pinterest

People may be chatting with an instant messaging system, and whilst the other person goes to the bathroom, the user may have a look at Pinterest and YouTube. If you create a nice variety of Pinterest boards and pins then you may gain a lot of traffic (even though that traffic may never return again).

Link to your Pinterest boards

The truth is that a lot of people are going to see a Pinterest picture or board in another location and move over to Pinterest to have a look. You need to take advantages of this “Just looking” segment and link to your pins. Create image and text links that show something interesting or fascinating on your Pinterest profile and let them go and have a look.

Don’t make all of your pins about promotion

Just the appearance of your brand on the board may be all that you need. You can create massive promotional boards if you wish, just do not do it every time or you will bore the users.

Have an “About You” paragraph on every board

If you have a good variety of boards and pins then you are going to have multiple people logging on for multiple reasons. It is your job to make sure that they are all introduced to your company, and an “About you” paragraph is a very blunt way of doing it.

Comment on the pins of others

It is a good way to get a response and have people look at your boards. It is also a way of engaging with the online community, which is good if you want to build an online reputation.

Don’t pin similar content all the time

Your customers may exist in a very specific niche, and if you were writing a blog you would stick to the same topics, but there is no need to stick to one topic on Pinterest. You can run a board of hot women in silk blouses, and post another board on getting plaster to the right consistency.

Believe it or not, the men and women may log onto your profile to see the plaster tutorial, but they will stay for the images of hot women. Just be sure to add your brand and product information into the boards.

Pin a video or two

It can be done on Pinterest and yet is still woefully underused. Stand out from your competitors and post videos. They do not have to be promotional, but be sure to add your brand details at the beginning swiftly and at the end too.

Bookmarklet tool

Use the bookmarklet tool every time you add a new image. You can even go as far as re-sharing your pin on Facebook and Twitter to be sure that you are getting the message out to as many people as possible.

Get the Pinterest Smartphone app

You need an app so that you can pin stuff whilst you are on the move. Pinning things at different times of the day is good strategy, but most people are not at their computer all the time. You can add content throughout the day with a Smartphone app.

Get behind the scenes

Pinterest is a great site for showing people behind the scenes at your company. Use this as a propaganda method to try and form a bond with your potential viewers. Project your company ideals within your staged photos.

Spot the teddy

When you go behind the scenes you should create a “Spot the mascot” competition. This is where you put a teddy or soft toy mascot in the background of every photo. Tell your viewers about it and have them try to find the soft toy. Little games such as this will help to bring people back to your profile.

Integrate Facebook now

Facebook integration is a must, since Facebook is the biggest social media site on earth. The timeline feature is good for getting people’s attention and drawing them onto Pinterest where all of your promotional material sits.

Experiment with the times at which you pin

Pin at different times of the day to see if it affects your re-pin rate. There may be a more ideal time of the day for you to post on Pinterest. If you experiment a little, you may find it.

Manufacture a support board

Create a board that lets your viewers show their support for you and your company. Allow people to add comments and videos showing their support, and delete anything negative that may be said.

Copy the movers and shakers of Pinterest

Have a look at your VIP clients and their boards and see what they are going. Have a look to see if you can copy their ideas.

Draw people in with attractive coupons

You should create coupons that are very visually pleasing and then add them to your Pinterest boards. The images attract attention on the website whilst having the secondary effect of showing people your offer.

Create exclusive offers

Just as you should on Facebook, you should create offers and promotion codes that people can only get via Pinterest. You should market this very lightly on other websites in order to attract people to your Pinterest.

This is because you want your viewers to feel special and if they see that you are advertising the offer all over the Internet then they may feel exploited. You also want your viewers to keep checking back to see if you have any new Pinterest offers, which they will not do if they keep seeing Pinterest adverts; they will just wait to see another advert before visiting.