Personalized number plates are becoming increasingly popular as a way to customize vehicles, especially among the rich and famous. What many people don’t realize is that there are number plates for sale to suit all wallets, and all tastes.

While plates such as “M4G1C”, once owned by Paul Daniels, may fetch prices that most people would be happy with for their annual salary, there are other, more affordable plates that will still impress people on the road.

Number Plates

Finding a good plate can be tricky; remember that there are some rules that dictate what letters and numbers can appear on plates, and the length of the word. Once you have a feel for what is allowed, and what isn’t, though, you can put together some great number plates – and hopefully find them available for sale.

If you’re looking for a number plate for your company car, and want one that will wow your clients and impress your customers, check out this list of great number plates for sale:

SHE 8O5S – If you’re a woman that’s broken through the glass ceiling, why not show it off which this fun number plate – it’s available for £14,500.

BO55 JAG – If you own a Jaguar, you won’t mind paying £9,500 for this plate, which will complete the picture. No-one in the parking lot will wonder who that Jag belongs to!

WHO5 BOS – Who is the boss? You are! It will cost you £11,795 to prove it.

TOP 574R – If you’re the Top Star salesman in the company, or a successful actor, then why not show it with this personalized number plate, which costs £29,995.

BIG I – This number plate costs £147,150, but it’s sure to turn heads. Maybe if you’re the person who signs the deal with that BIG client, you’ll be able to buy this with your bonus.

THE 835T – Show everyone you’re the best by picking up this number plate. At £23,040, it’s a little pricy for a plate with so many letter/number substitutions, but it sure sends a strong message.

B357 LAD – Perhaps “Best Lad” isn’t the message you want to send if you work in a serious, more mature company, but if you’re in a more youthful industry, or work for a company that puts forward a fun-loving persona, then you might appreciate this plate. It’s affordable too, at £2,393

B357 ONE – If you don’t like being called a “lad”, then this is the more gender neutral (and even cheaper) counterpart to the above number plate – it costs just £3,090

WI NOR – You can forgive the text speak here, this number plate is sure to make people smile, and hopefully see you as a Winner. At £6,230, it’s a nice price for the length too.

There are thousands of number plates for sale, with every combination you could possibly imagine, so you should be able to find one with your company name or philosophy on it. If you do opt to buy a personalized number plate for a company vehicle, be sure that you keep the vehicle itself in good condition.

A great plate on a beat-up vehicle could leave clients with the impression that you care more about “bling” than you do about substance.