As we all know MetaFilter is one of the first ever community blogs, which was created in 1999 and helping users with Q&A style answers from before the times of the sophisticated social networks. It is a quality site – to which everyone would agree.

Matt Haughey founder of MetaFilter wrote a blog post that how overnight, something happened with their Google traffic, and their traffic dropped.

Google Penalty

Google changes its algorithm it doesn’t confirm it; this makes webmaster confuse and have no idea if they should focus on link issues, page quality issues or something else.

However, to be on safer side and not to get hit by any penalty you must be very cautious with your link building campaign. Google doesn’t want to reward a website whose sole purpose appears to be satisfying Google before their users.

Google target websites that have unnatural links in them or are a part of a link network. If your website is one such victim of a Google penalty, and has lost its rank, then recovery from that will take some time, and also you will not be able to figure out what went wrong.

Here are few tips to remember while building backlinks.

1) Don’t use the exact same anchor text when creating backlink

2) Avoid getting many links from same IP address.

3) Avoid cloaking, doorway pages, buying links, using spammy link building tools, keyword stuffing, and other unnatural link building techniques.

4) Do not build links too quickly, make it look natural to search engines.

The recovery from Google penalty is a time-consuming process. Patience is needed here, and you must ensure that each of the above steps is ardently followed.