Young entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business have to don various hats initially. They have to monitor and control various departments whether it is production, finance, sales or logistics and because of this they will normally do the mistake of merging sales and marketing departments.

Marketing and sales are different things altogether. Marketing is broad term and its nature is macro while sales is micro in nature and it comes under marketing.

Marketing v/s Sales

We advice young entrepreneur when you start your business make sure that you have separate departments for sales and marketing.

There has been differences b/w management gurus, as marketing side claims to be superior then sales side and vice-versa. It will remain like that but eventually the aim of both the departments is to increase revenue for the company. In a lighter note marketing and sales are like husband (marketing) and wife (sales) with different nature.

They keep fighting with each other but at the same time they depend on each other for the smooth running of their household (company) activities.

If we compare marketing with sales then the outcome will be as mentioned below:-

Marketing and sales are interrelated with each other. They work in a cycle. Marketing generates leads and you can divide those leads into cold, warm and hot prospects (based on their interest). Now from here sales department starts its action which is to convert those prospects into customers.

Sales targets on an individual or a small group because they directly deal with prospects while marketing always targets on larger group and prepares the base for sales team.

Marketing supports every department of the company. Its impact is on all the major 4 Pā€™s ā€“ product, price, place and promotion. It predicts sales forecasting, informs current marketing trends, decides packaging, pricing and positioning of the product and even directs production department about the quantity of goods to be produced.

On the other hand sales teams have to concentrate only on dealing with prospective customers and selling the product or services to them.

Marketing process starts even before the product is launched and ends when it generates leads for sales team, while sales process starts after that, and in some cases like electronic and automobile goods it never ends even after product is sold. That is known as after sales process or after sales services.

So you should form two separate departments for marketing and sales. At first it will look like a burden on your capital but in a long run it will boost your business and will generate more revenues for your company. Further it will also ensure that your product reaches the market smoothly from your company.