Corporate blogging is a great way to market your products to the public, but you’ll need to walk that fine line between over commercialization and a total lack of promotion. The main reason that many companies set up their own blog is to find ways to attract new customers and improve their brand image, but this can also be a very powerful tool when it comes to marketing your products.

Let’s take a look at one example of how a blog can be used to sell products the smart way without appearing over commercial.

Corporate Blogging

For this example, we’ll be looking at a company that sells apparel. They’ve already set up their site and their cart is complete. Since they do want to reach out to the public, they’ve set up a corporate blog, but they are a bit stuck as to what they should be discussing. Beyond office gossip and brief company news they really don’t have a lot to talk about. Or do they?

The key to finding a way to promote your products and provide readers with posts that matter is to pick a niche and exploit it as much as possible. Since this company sells apparel for women, they have a huge opportunity to discuss emerging trends, cover fashion shows and talk about what matters to women when it comes to fashion, value and quality.

For this example, fashion week is approaching in New York City. Instead of just mentioning it once, this company can provide full coverage of the event. They don’t necessarily have to even attend the event, they can follow it in the news and provide their own unique recap. Now, instead of just stopping there, let’s take it a step further.

This company could use these posts to sell specific items in their store that are on trend for the moment or comparable to what the designers are selling. One great approach in this instance is to provide High vs Low posts where a designer’s clothing is pictured alongside the similar low cost product offered by the store.

This is an incredibly easy way for this company to increase their sales. It doesn’t come off as overly commercial, because the posts are seen as a public service. They want to help customers save money. That is really the key when it comes to mentioning products in your blog. You need to find that link that makes the reader think that this post is something that was created to help them.

This same technique can be used by any company regardless of what they sell. In a way, when you get into corporate blogging, you need to become a little bit of a journalist. This will help you find the news that relates to your company, and unique ways of presenting it to the public to increase your sales.

For many companies that don’t have a lot of time to do this, a blog management service can be of great assistance in finding that special link and helping you achieve your goals.