When we think marketing, we tend to immediately project ourselves towards the various media options available: online advertising, social media marketing, print media, television and radio spots, billboards and direct mail.

If we give it a bit more consideration we may add in personal contact opportunities, such as calling on a client at their office, telephone conversations and the many networking events we attend.

Marketing Potential

All of these are important of course, but it is surprising how often the simplest solutions are easily overlooked, one of those being the marketing opportunities right in your own office.

Set Out Those Business Cards

As old fashioned as it may seem, the standard business card is still one of the most effective marketing tools you have.

They are small and convenient for people to pickup and take with them. They contain (or should) all your pertinent contact information.

You should certainly carry a good supply with you whenever you leave the office, but be sure to utilize these within your office as well.

This doesn’t just mean handing them to visitors before they leave, though you certainly should. It means making them easily accessible for people to pick up for themselves too.

Have them sitting on your desk and in the reception area if you have one. Don’t just have them lying there. Purchase attractive cardholders to display them.

You can find these at any office supply store and in a variety of designs. You’ll find simple plastic stands, decorative metal stands and solid wood stands made just for displaying business cards.

You’ll be surprised at how many people pick up, not just one, but several cards when you make them readily available for the taking.

What’s On The Screen?

Moving from the old standard to high-tech, many office reception areas are now including television screens. Some of these may be tuned to actual television channels, but most are being used to display digital marketing to clients as they come in the door or are waiting for an appointment.

Nothing captures people’s attention better these days than a digital screen with attractive full color images. Subtle music background can be added, but most businesses choose to keep the digital displays visual only.

A real estate office might have their current listings rotating across the screen while an insurance agent might have helpful tips about insurance coverage to spark clients’ interest in new products or increased coverage of luxury items in their home.

Display Your Awards

Don’t neglect the opportunity to show off award plaques you have received through the years. Will customers stand and read the fine print? Probably not. But their presence on your wall or in a display case will add to the overall impression that clients receive when they enter your office.

Achievement awards send a message that your company takes pride in its work and its accomplishments. They also symbolize a company that is established and grounded, one that a client can trust.

So the next time you have a brainstorming session about your marketing strategies, take a glance around your office and see if you are making good use of that immediate marketing commodity.