If we understand the expectation quotients of the customer, business will be the easiest profession. Do we really understand our customers?

Before start serving up the customers, we have to understand about our customers’ expectations? What customers exactly think before investing their money or purchasing products online? E-commerce stores are slowly capturing the market and becoming popular in India.

Know Your Customer

A successful business is hugely depends upon how you materialize several things to meet your customers expectation. Understanding the pulse of your target audience is highly important. In this article we have tried to understand the Customers’ Expectations before Purchasing Products.

What Customers’ Exactly Look For?

Here in this article, we will be spilling the beans and discuss on what customers really expects before purchasing products. In fact online shops are still struggling to find place in Indian Market. We have selected some hypothetical expectations of Indian Customers.

Cheap and Best Price

Indian market is growing very fast, but purchasing an expensive thing in a while is still taboo. According to some surveys, it is proved Indian buyers seek for the best quality products at the cheapest prices. So to meet up with this expectation, one should have surveyed properly before tagging up his or her products.

Quality Work and Unique Performance

Satisfying Indian Customers is not an easy task. Customers always like to have full-commitment from the Service Providers. Customers will always judge your service and performance in terms of purchasing any products or services.

So, you should be aware about the potentiality of your team and either work on it. Once you prove your-self and meet the deadline, it considers that you have already achieved the trust factor from the customers.


If you have taken up any project or committed to provide the service in between the certain point of time. You should meet the deadline. It shows your professionalism and the dedication towards your customer.

Delivering products on time is amongst the most required qualities for a business man. Customers generally get bored if you push the delivery date. Over all, it creates a bad impression.

Ethical Corporate Behavior

Behaving professional is another most important quality, which every business man should possess. Customer Service Executives should have promptness while queries have been made.

Apart from being polite, a customer service executive should place him or herself in the shoes of the customers. He or she should be smart enough to tackle any kind of situation.

Empathy should be one of the major qualities in a customer service executive. Being calm and patient is required when a customer service executive is facing an upset customer. A customer service executive should be aware of the status of any project or service to be delivered.