Once you have made the decision to write a business blog, then you are definitely on the right path. However, one of the most important considerations that you need to make when planning for your business blog is this: Who are you blogging for?

There are two different facets to the answer to this question. The first facet is specifically who you are intending to target, and the second is who is actually reading.

Know Your Audience

Who are you targeting?

The first thing that you need to figure out when putting together a business blog is who you intend on reaching out to. Are you trying to reach new potential customers, or trying to elicit feedback from your readers on the products or services that you offer?

Is your main target audience people in the same industry as you, people who operate within your company, or people who are looking to learn more about what you offer?

Who you are intending to write your blog for will determine what you write and how you write it. You need to have a good idea of who your target audiences are when you put together a blog, because a lot of your effort is going to go to writing to reach out to these target readers.

If you do not already have a clear cut idea of who you intend to reach out to with your blog, then you have some things that you need to figure out before you start writing.

Who is actually reading?

Something to consider is that the people are reading your blog may or may not be the people who you are actually intending to target. Just because you want to attract new customers doesn’t mean that is who is going to find and want to read your blog. Just because you are attempting to attract people with a certain interest does not mean that is who will find your blog.

You need to be able to determine who is actually reading your blog in order to improve your capability of reaching out to additional readers. Are you attracting people from certain niches? Are you attracting readers but no potential customers?

Are you reaching out to the right people, or are you having trouble getting the attention of those who really matter to you? Once you know who you want to target, and once you know who you are actually targeting, that is when you can improve the capabilities of your blog and work on reaching out to new audiences.

One of the biggest questions that you can ask yourself when you start putting together a concept for a business blog is this: Who you are blogging for?

Once you know who your target audience is, that is when you can truly become effective as a business blogger because it will allow you to target your blog entries, website content and other details of your blog specifically to suit your target audience for the greatest effectiveness.