If you are new to a website technology, and come across a word logo, you may wonder what is it? A Logo is a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles.

When you look at the website Logo! What does it represent? This is a simple question that comes to the mind, when we look at the logo on the different website.

Importance Of Website Logo

Logo can also be described as the tiniest and the smallest image used to convey the identity, thoughts, vision, and intentions of a person, or a company.

It is also a figure and illustration of your business mission. This could besides be used by social groups or associations to articulate their ideals, or views on various social aspects.

Having a logo means to separates you from your competitors. When your website has a well designed logo it will give you an advantage over your competition and allow you to compete as a business.

It can illustrate your brand values. The design will let you to consider not only what you want your logo to look like but what you want to be branded as.

Logos can also be used by a group of educationists, trying to recommend physical sciences, social techniques, historical interpretation/facts, geographical facts, and various other educational areas with a view to propagate knowledge among the people curious in that area or support their groups.

Logos, when used by a corporation, business establishment or an allied body is mostly to represent their business interest, insight and derive material/monetary interests. It designates to an extent the personality of person or the group of people who are marketing that business interest.

Logo is mostly dimensionally small, to fit into different stationery goods, pamphlets, circulars, posters, and other means of conveying the message/communication. It has been widely seen that the name of business establishment or corporate or social organization appears with the logo along with the jingle that bears the core of their vision and ideas.

Logo is the most important branding tool and needs to be developed very carefully. Brainstorm with the design team and find out how you can represent your organization visually using a logo.

Logo’s can be a symbol like an “Apple”, or a shape that reflects the qualities of the organization like “The Swoosh” from Nike or even just typeface like the famous “Coca-Cola” logo.

If you are getting it designed from a branding company, ask for variations of your logo in all the three different forms. Work with the team, take them to your facility, and let them get a good feel of your work culture. This would inspire them to create something that is fitting to your organization.

Understand what you want to project about your company to your potential clients. If you want to project that you are an innovative company looking towards the future, play around with angular lines and shapes to get that edgy feeling.

If you are a service oriented company whose main focus is customer satisfaction, experiment with logos which are more rounded and which invokes a friendly feeling in your customers. If you are a business to business organization you need to develop a logo that reflects stability and trust.

When it comes to the design of the logo a few things need to be kept in mind. Simple logos are always the most memorable ones.

McDonald’s logo is just a curvy M and it is considered as one of the most memorable logos. Simple logos can also be reproduced easily when compared to logos with minute details, gradation and a million colors.

The representation of the logos should also be considered while designing them for instance if you are using them for print ads and online promotion.

Remember a logo is one element of your branding that cannot be changed often. It is the face of your organization which needs a lot of thought before being designed.

Image Credit: Tsahi