Blogging is the best way to express feelings about anything, which has become so common in the current year than ever before. The numbers of bloggers is increasingly growing, along with the changing trend of blogging. In past, bloggers used to write posts in a simple manner.

These types of posts include introduction to the topic, main body, and conclusion based on the comments made in a blog post.

List Items Posts Act as Traffic Magnet

However, with the passage of time, the way to write a blog has changed. The reason behind this is the limited time the readers spend to get information from the blogs. In the busy life of this modern age, everyone finds it difficult to read lengthy explanations.

It is easy for them to read the blogs, which are written in a systematic manner. One of such types of posts is ‘List Item Posts’.

What are List Items Posts?

List Items Posts are one of the most popular types of blogs written these days. In such types of blogs, the topic is specific and focused but the content is structured as lists. These types of blogs are easy to understand, as all the listed items in the content have relevance with each other.

Example of List Items Posts

The best examples to understand List Items Posts are as follows:

How to list items in a post?

Creating a list in the post is not a rocket science and most of the bloggers prefer to list the items in posts either by inserting bullets or numbers. However, there is a major difference to understand between bullets and numbers before inserting any of them in your post. Your preference to insert anyone of them will be based on the priority or sequence of the content mentioned as a list items.

If you are writing items in a sequences based on their priority then you should insert numbers or alphabets like 1, 2, 3 or a, b, c to show the chronology. However, if all the listed items are equally important and have same value then you should insert bullets that can be any computer symbol.

Advantages of listing items in a post

There are many advantages, which are associated with writing list item posts. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • These posts are easy to read and understand.
  • They are capable of attracting more readers, as they are eye catchy.
  • They help the blogger to write in an effective manner.
  • They are helpful in providing maximum value to the reader that is why these posts are best to share with friends.
  • List item posts are considered the best for social bookmarking.
  • These posts are best to provide all possible solutions to a problem in a sequence.
  • The listed items create a magical impact on the post and help in increasing the number of visitors.

How many items should be listed in a post?

The number plays an important role in lists posts, as they can make the post either interesting or boring. There is no definite thumb rule to explain how many numbers should be added in one list post. However, there are few things you should keep in mind while adding items to the list. These important points to be focused are as follows:

  • Numbers to be added should be neither too less nor too more, as less numbers will give an impression that you haven’t written anything, whereas too many listed items will make your post boring. Try to balance your post to make it more effective.
  • Numbers are also dependent on the relevant ideas that will come across your mind for elaboration.
  • To use round numbers like 10, 20, etc. are more preferred in list blogs.

Final Words:

Thus, you can say that list item posts are something very convenient to write and understand. Moreover, these posts can attract more readers because of their magical impact. That is why this type of blogging has gained a lot of popularity in the recent years.

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