Blog is a platform that you can use to write on and, undoubtedly, you can make it whatever you want. If you want to maintain it like your personal diary, it is possible and if you want to make it like an informative journal then it is also possible.

Your only focus should be the availability of quality content to the reader. There are different types of posts to fulfill the desired purpose. Today, we will take a look at some of the well-known blog post types:

15 Popular Blog Article Types You Must Try on Your Blog

Preview Articles

Preview articles are as popular as customers’ and products’ reviews are. People want to read about the product or service, which is going to launch in future. These types of articles provide a glimpse of the product or service to create an impression of the prospects.

The data provided in such kind of articles is incomplete but the basic aim to provide this incomplete data is to create more hype in the prospects.

Link Lists and Simple List Posts

Standard List posts are one of the most popular blog posts because of its problem solving nature. The blogger thinks of a particular problem and provides a list of solutions to that particular problem in such posts.


News posts are considered the best way to provide important information to its readers. Such posts focus on the latest updates related to any celebrity or about any upcoming product or service. These posts are preferably written in less than 500 words to maintain the interest level of the reader.

Case Study

Case studies depict different ways to solve any particular dilemma based on a real life illustration. These types of blogs focus on the solution oriented conclusions based on which the organizations of the same industry take decisions to solve the same or relevant concerns.

Step-by-Step Lessons, Guides and Tutorials

Guides and tutorial posts are another popular type of blog posts, which people love to read. Blog, publishing this type of posts, focuses on ‘How to’ type of content, which includes how to perform, how to avoid, how to resist, etc. These days, adding videos and images to such type of blogs are also in trend.

Profile Blog Posts

Profile blog posts focus on elaborating the profile of any particular personality.

Discussion and Controversial Posts

Writing controversial posts are also in trend, as people love to read them. In such blog posts, bloggers add statements having sarcasm or potential to disagree with.


Experiences are the inspiring posts that can also be written to illustrate the inspiring story of someone, who has achieved something in his life. Many bloggers prefer to write the experiences of same inspiring person on time-to-time basis. The aim of the blogger is to write focused instructive experiences instead of making them extensive.


Research posts are the advance version of ‘how to posts’. In this kind of posts, the bloggers explain the systematic guide to research about any topic. For example, ‘what is the best way to use keywords for SEO?’ can be a research post topic.

Tests and Reviews

Reviews are the most popular blog types, which focus on reviewing different products and services available in the market. Considering such types of blogs is the best before buying any product or hiring any service.


Interview blogs focus the interviews of celebrities, experts, and any other person, who have done something significant. Conducting interviews are possible in different ways including physical interview, Twitter interview, Telephonic interview, and many others. However, writing interview in an interesting way is quite an art.


Survey based blogs are another way to provide information to the readers. This type of blogs includes a questionnaire having either poll style questions or fill in the blanks. Using this kind of blogs, one can easily get the feedback about the needs and interests of the reader, which can be required for various purposes. Marketers love to read this kind of blog to know the market need and prevailing trends.

Promotional Articles

These articles are popular enough to promote the newly introduced feature, any new kind of content or news published on the blog. Promotional articles are best to promote the blog for taking competitive edge in this competitive era, where you have to make extra efforts to make your blog unique from others.

Article Series

It refers to the group of articles, which are written to cover the broad subject with the help of different articles linking together. The basic aim to write these types of articles is to attract the reader so that he can come to read the next article. However, the content should be written in a coherent way, so that one article can link to the other article in an effective manner.

Guest Posts

These days, the trend of using guest blogs is increasing a lot. In this type of blog, you publish quality content that focuses some particular product or service on someone else’s blog with his permission. Professional bloggers use this type of blogging methodology as the best available strategy to grow relationship for blogging platform.

Final Words

Thus, you can say that unlimited types of blog posts are available these days to facilitate the reader. However, the basic aim of every blog is to provide up-to-date information to its reader regardless of its type.

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