Once you have set up your website or blog, You are ready to do business but the only problem is there won’t be any visitors to your website hence it is not listed in search engine like Google Yahoo and Bing.

To get indexed quickly in these major search engines you need to wait until the search spiders crawl your website, or you can make some effort to make it happen soon. The easiest way to do it is article marketing, below is some brief idea how to make most of this technique.

How To Get Your Blog or Website Indexed Quickly In Google And Yahoo

The main reason of using this method is that, such websites are constantly scanned by search engine spiders to look for new articles. And chances are they will also scan your articles and visit your website though a link provided in a resource box at the end of the article which you submit.

Write an Article

Write a wonderful article related to the main topic of your website. Keep it between 300 -400 words long. It can be more than 400 words, but most article directories accept 400 words article. Provide information, which is unique so that anyone would like to post on their site as content.

Keep it mind, don’t try to sell your product. The main idea behind writing this article is to get a valuable link back to your website and not to make a sale. If you try to do so, most bloggers and webmasters will not be interested in publishing your article on their website or blog.

Carving Resource Box

When you have finished writing article related to your main website, you are then ready to create a resource box. Here you can promote your product or service but keep it short and up to the point. The main point of including this resource box is to get a link going back to your website.

Another purpose of the resource box is to get readers of your article to click through and visit your website. Don’t forget to include main keywords of your website in your resource box. For example, if your website sell golf clubs, you can use your anchor text as “buy golf clubs” or “cheap gold clubs.”

Article Directory Submission

You can submit your article to any major article directories. This article directory is often crawled by search engine spiders as they are daily updated. And your website will be crawled as well.

Though some article directory allows you to submit same article on other websites, it is recommended that you submit only unique article. Submitting your same article on an article directory was useful before but now this technique is considered as spam.

Quick Review: Article directories are frequently crawled by search engines, If you manage to place your link via a resource box, your website will get indexed quickly.

Image Credit: SEOplanter