When you are getting ready to start publishing your corporate blog, it is a good idea to put some thought into the kind of information you will be sharing with the public.

There are many different kinds of corporate blogs out there and it is a good idea to pick a classification that you will be comfortable with.

Business Blog


Some companies like to have a very informal blog that is used to keep customers updated on events within the company and just basic news. This style is probably best for a very small company that really doesn’t have to worry too much about public image.

It’s ok to keep it informal in this instance. However, a larger company may be perceived as being unprofessional if they attempt to take this tact with their blog.


This is a very hard style to pull off and you will need to walk that fine line between being too commercial and not getting your marketing message across. The best way to accomplish this is to find ways to tie in current events and news with your products. Otherwise, your blog will come off like one big advertisement and no one will want to read it.


This is another style that is usually adopted by larger companies. It is a very stiff format that really doesn’t read well and it’s hard to build a personal relationship with your readers when trying this style. If you have a very large company such as a bank however, this may be the best road to take since you will be coming off as trustworthy.

News and Updates

This is a style that suits most companies of any size. The blog can be used in a variety of different ways to keep customers informed about upcoming events, news about the company as well as tracking other news outlets and what they are saying about your company.

If you are not comfortable going too in-depth with information, this is a very good format to use and it is very versatile.


This is a format that is very tricky and should only be used if you are very good at walking that fine line between friendly and engaging to over sharing and over personalization. This works well for smaller companies that really want to engage their audience and present a fun image. If you have an apparel company or an audience that skews a little younger, this is a good style to use.

Overall, it is important to weigh your audience when deciding what your blog is going to cover. If you have a young audience, they will expect you to be hip and current. If your audience is older, they want to see a little more respectability.

It’s a good idea to work with someone that can assist you in setting the right tone for your company blog. Blog management services can be very useful in helping you accomplish this.