SEO is a popular term for an online marketers these days. Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps websites or blogs to rank better in search engine results list known as SERP.

When a user types in a few phrases and hits the search button, he is likely to visit a website that appears on the first page of results. Only few people will check next page when they have all they need on page one.

How SEO WorksFor a strong online presence, it is crucial that your website appears on this first page of search engine results. For this, you need to make your website SEO friendly.  Because of the importance of SEO, there are a number of SEO companies that offer such services.

You can either use professional service or perform SEO yourself. In both cases, it is necessary to learn how SEO works and understand the best way to make use of it for your specific business needs.

You may be aware of the fact that search engines are not controlled by humans; they are just computer programs that follow a specific process to find out a particular web page. Working of the search engines varies tremendously from the process of any human being as these engines are being driven by the entered text.

Any search engine uses the algorithm like crawling the web page, indexing the content, processing the request, calculating the relevancy and retrieving the results.

Majority of search engines uses a computer program called spiders or crawlers. These spiders search the web and analyze individual pages. These programs read web pages and index them according to the terms that show up often and places in important sections on the page.

There’s no way for a search engine spider to know what your page is about unless you use the correct keywords in the right places, such as in title of a page and its content.

Once the crawling process is done, a search engine makes an index of the contents and stores the indexed page in its database, which is located all over the world. Whenever someone searches for a topic in the search engines, the results are retrieved from this huge database.

Once it receives the request of a topic, the program processes the request by comparing the search sequence with index pages that are saved in its database. After making the list, it then calculates the relevancy of each page with the search term, and finally displays the result that they found after completing the above steps.

Google, Yahoo! and Bing is all unique in their own and uses their own algorithms. No matter which search engine (SE) is being used, your company can show up on all of them improving the chances of gaining more business and exposure.

While most search engine try to keep their algorithm a secret, their criteria for high spots on SERPs isn’t a complete mystery. Search engines are successful only if they provide a user links to the best web sites related to the user’s search query.

In an ideal World Wide Web, your site would rise to the top of every search engine’s SERP based on content alone; however, due to the presence of thousand of websites providing the same kind of information; it is necessary to build backlinks pointing to it. Backlinks is considered as a vote that helps in ranking of a web page.

There are also several ways in which you can improve search engine ranking of a website. However, The basic aspect of SEO is utilizing the right keywords in the title and content of your website.

Additionally, make changes to the content available on your website so that it meets the requirements for the users as well as search engines. You can also link to other websites that are relevant to your sites, which provide your visitor better user experience.