The Google Sandbox is a metaphorical term to explain why most new websites have very poor rankings in Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). Many SEO experts still doubt if the ‘sandbox’ actually exists.

As a webmaster, you might have heard the term “Google Sandbox” and might as well be wondering as to what exactly this means? The purpose of this article is to deal precisely with this.

Google Sandbox

It is obvious from the name “Google Sandbox” that the term refers to the sand moving steadily but very slowly to the lower chamber of an hourglass.

The Google sandbox came into progress around the 2003 or 2004, and it has no executive from the Google itself. It’s a stage where new sites would sit in a hold pattern, until it gets few backlinks and starts ranking in Google search engine.

Many webmasters experience that their new sites get stuck at page 2-5 and don’t move for a long time no matter what they do. I have also experienced the same thing on my brand-new sites.

Most new sites submitted to Google (at least within the last year or so) encounter a peculiar phenomenon known as the “sandbox effect” within about two weeks to one month after appearing in the index.

It is important to note that the sandbox effect is quite different from banning. Google may ban a website for multiple reasons, but the end results is always the complete removal of the site from the index for an unknown amount of time.

Your website or blog can be in the sandbox for up to four months – although the average length of time appears to be around two and half to three months.

During this period of time, the most important thing you can do is continue improving and adding additional content to your site.

The final thing all new websites should do while in the sandbox is to acquire partnerships and establish connections with other websites with similar topics and niche. If you want to conquer sandbox effect for your website, you should do some work to improve its link popularity, and should not be worried if it’s not appearing in the search results right away.