A recent ruling by the Court of Justice of the European Union found that European law gives people the right to ask search engines like Google to remove results for queries that include their name.

Since then, Google received removal requests on all sorts of content: serious criminal records, embarrassing photos, instances of online bullying and name-calling, decades-old allegations, negative press stories, and more.

Google Right To Be Forgotten

For each of these requests, Google required to weigh, on a case-by-case basis, an individual’s right to be forgotten with the public’s right to know.

Google wants to strike this balance right. This obligation is a new and difficult challenge for them, and are seeking advice on the principles Google ought to apply when making decisions on individual cases. That’s why they are convening a council of experts.

Google getting started, but during this process, they also want to hear your input, too — this is all about your rights online, and the Internet provides an incredible forum for discussion and debate.

You Can Share your thoughts on the CJEU ruling: Here

You will be asked to input your: Name, Email, Profession, city, Country and Your Views.

About The Committee

Google is setting up an advisory council to gather input from Europeans.

The advisory council will hold consultations in Europe this fall, which is intended to stream live and record.

After the consultations, the council will publish its findings, which  will help inform the evolving policies in this area.

The council will also invite contributions from government, business, media, academia, the technology sector, data protection organizations and other organizations with a particular interest in the area, to surface and discuss the challenging issues at the intersection of the right to know and the right to privacy.