Page Rank is Google’s way of presenting the user a basic ranking of a web page which is accessed and indexed by Google. This ranking range from 0 to 10 where 10 being the highest and is considered as that best.

Page rank calculation involves different factors; however, the most significant among them is the link popularity. So the more back links you have for a particular web page the higher Page Rank be.

Google PageRank

Page Rank is updated every time but not visible to normal users. The visible Page Rank on different browser plugins is only updated a few times a year. It is normally updated every three months.

If you want to improve your page rank from 0 to 1 for your website, the very first thing, you can do is by building back links.

You can increase the number of back links by commenting on different blogs, submitting your site in web directories, getting links from forums and there are many other ways. But make sure get steady links from different sources, getting tons of links at once can damage your website ranking.

People who are new to SEO world always pay more importance to page rank and are always looking different ways to improve it. But does the page rank really help in your website ranking? Answer is No!

Your website does not get higher rank in the SERPs, make more money or receive more traffic. This number is only a basic criterion of how many incoming links you have to your site from other websites.

Though, Page Rank is good, for some reason, the majority of webmasters exchange links with others with intention to increase Page Rank, which is against Google TOS. Sometimes they can even ban you from Goolge.

Higher Page Rank your website has; more chances are you will be getting link exchange request, but stay out of it for your own good. Some webmasters also sell page rank for profit, but this business won’t last long as Google will eventually know it.

There is always debate over webmaster forums about importance of page rank. Some do believe it helps while others just ignore this theory.