For many years, search engine results have been based on keywords, and only websites with the most relevant, optimized keywords could benefit in those results.

With the arrival of Google’s Hummingbird algorithm the ranking in search engine results has shifted, placing greater value on websites with high-quality content and web design, not just a string of keywords.

Google Hummingbird Update

So What is Google Hummingbird?

It’s the name of the new search algorithm that Google is using, one that Google says should return better results; it is designed to look deeper into search queries to discover the user intent. It is an entirely new algorithm which approaches search engine queries in an absolutely new and intelligent way.

The whole concept behind Hummingbird is to provide the user with a better-quality search result. So it is going to be pulling the user away for “sales” talk to useful information. That means you need to be providing rich, relevant educational information on your site and other important websites as well.

This new algorithm focuses more on phrases, rather than traditional keywords. The best SEO practices strive to ensure that individuals who are searching for news regarding your niche are able to find you. If someone is searching something by using a sentence, Google will take into account every word and come up with the most appropriate results.

What Does Google Hummingbird Algorithm Mean For You?

1. Google emphasized more and more on the importance of in-depth articles According to Google, in-depth articles about a certain topic will be valued more as compared to the shot and brief articles.

2. Google doesn’t get influenced by social/viral content at the moment, but it will start focusing on them soon, which would definitely impact on the Google rankings of your content.

3. Google crawls the content on a regular basis because of its popular content, and it has better opportunities to remain in the top search results.

4. Google can now better understand search strings, a focus on “conversational search” and more relevant answers. Hummingbird takes Google’s communicative search technology beyond its Knowledge Graph feature.

The time to change your site’s approach to get better Google results is now. If it’s been a few years since your last website overhaul, there’s no better time than the present!

Image Credit: Rocky_Johndb8