Google Authorship is a terrific feature that will give you an edge when people are doing a Google search. Once you have Google Authorship set up, your Google plus link will appear beside other information in the search results.

It was created with the intent of authors being able to establish their credibility and expertise on a particular subject.

SEO and Google Authorship

Google used to show author’s image in the search engine results and profile links together with all the articles indexed from that author. However, due to abusing the system Google finally decides to remove the author image.

Google Authorship is very important for all website owners and authors to achieve their desired goal. It is an innovation of SEO strategies that help every author to be exposed on the net. And their contents will reach out to different targets of audience in cyberspace.

It is a program developed long back by Google and then enhanced with Google+. Authors can link their blogs and blogger profiles together to establish ownership of their work and also create their reputation for being an expert in their field.

Google authorship is a great way to increase your professional success, and you should leverage it for your business as much as possible and in the most effective and appropriate manner possible. The result is more traffic back to your website, increased credibility, and a lot more exposure for your brand.

Using Google authorship you can rise above the crowd in SERPs for your niche. It’s a simple matter of connecting your Google profile to your blog articles.

If you are a real owner of a unique article of a certain niche, you will be added by some Internet users in their Google circles. This means that your Google Authorship is trusted by your target audience of readers.

Recently, Google has downgraded authorship, Just like links and low-quality pages; Google’s authorship was downgraded in the last few months because users flooded and abused the system. The spammers were only producing content for the sole purpose of creating an inbound link to their own site and the content they produced was very low quality.

So Google finally decided to remove the author image from the search result page, but still show Google plus profile.

Establishing Google authorship will no doubt draw new readers to you and eventually, that can definitely mean increased business. It is worth setting up Google authorship and it is not a difficult task.

Image Credit: Aaron Parecki