Are you using Google+ Authorship to boost your page ranks and overall traffic? Google Authorship is one of the features that will show Google plus profile when people are doing a Google search. Once you have Google Authorship set up, your Google plus profile will appear beside your information in the search results.

If you are trying to improve SEO for your website, this is the best way to do it. Establishing Google authorship means attracting and inspiring people to click on your website first.

Google Authorship and SEO

If you are a new webmaster, you may or may not understand the difference between Google rank and Google authorship.

However, One thing that is for certain is that they are different thing. There are differences, and they are worth understanding to take advantage of both.

Establishing Google authorship will ultimately draw new readers to you eventually, that can definitely mean increased business.

Google authorship is actually an indication that you have ownership of the content found over the web. So Google recognizes your post as a unique and quality article written by a real person.

Importance of Google Authorship

  1. When people add you in your Google+ circles, they can view to which blogs you are contributing content. This would increase your blog readership and subscribers.
  2. Your website pages can be differentiated from your competitor’s websites.
  3. Your page rankings on the search engines will normally be higher than your competitor’s websites.
  4. Drive more traffic and trust.
  5. People will pay attention to your byline and will begin to form relationships with you and that is exactly what you want to happen.
  6. Authorship is advantageous to all business owners, including those who own small businesses and is absolutely free and can be done without any technical skills.
  7. Your business will become more and more successful as people will be more willing to click through. The more successful you will be, the more you get from your content out there in a positive way.

If you desire to get more traffic, linking your website to your Google+, Profile for Google Authorship will help. A lot of business owners have not set up Google Authorship yet. You will definitely increase your click through rates in search results if you take advantage of this wonderful tool.

Google Authorship is an innovation of SEO strategies that will help every author to be establish a bond with its reader on the net. And their contents will reach out to different targets of audience in world wide web. Hence, Google Authorship is very important for all website owners and authors to achieve their desired goal.