In a recent move, Google has finally decided to remove a major element from their search engine results pages (SERPs) that they’ve been featuring for the past couple of years that is the author icons.

Author’s icons are the small pics displayed in the search engine along with the author content.

Google Remove Google Author Icons

This was something Local Marketers have enthusiastically encouraged and were greatly benefited them. Removal of Authorship icons is a major setback to content marketers and bloggers.

So does that mean Google authorship is history now? Answer is no! You must still use Google Authorship  as a best practice. The author icons are gone, but author name and profile can still appear, which can be more attention grabbing than other results.

Changes in Google’s development are nothing new, of course. We have seen Google take one or two steps forward and then a step back multiple times in a period of only a few years.

There are other Google products like Google Labs, Remember Google Hotpot, etc., which were boasted to help the business, and later they were pulled back.

Image Credit: Adewale