Now that you have your blog set up, and you’re beginning to post your useful and relevant content, you may be wondering why you are not driving incredible amounts of traffic to your site. You are already publishing, and days are going by, so why is no one stopping to comment?

Just like with any website that you may own, promotion is vital if you want to start bringing in ideal traffic numbers. Here are sixteen ways that you can drive traffic to your blog starting right now.

Corporate Blog

1- Set up a subscription form on your blog so that you can invite everyone in your local network to subscribe including family members, friends, clients, colleagues, business partners and other associates to your blog.

2- Read and comment on other relevant blogs that exist within your target niche. Avoid simple, mundane comments like “Nice blog” or “Good post”, and write intelligent, relevant and useful comments instead, providing a link to your blog in your signature.

3- Use Ping-o-Matic to ping relevant blogging directories, and do this every time you publish anything to your blog. Also submit your blog to the traditional search engines, using a service like Submit Fire.
Then submit your blog to relevant blogging directories. One of the most comprehensive directory lists available can be found here.

4- Add a link to your blog site in the signature file for your primary e-mail address. Additionally, include a link to your blog as a part of all outgoing correspondence including e-mail, auto responder sequences, sales letters, reports, white papers and so on.

5- If you publish a newsletter in addition to your blog, make sure that every issue features a link back to your blog.

6- Print your blog address on flyers, brochures and business cards.

7- Make sure that you have an RSS feed URL that people can subscribe to for instant access to your blog content.

8- Post often in order to continue attracting subscribers, giving them a reason not only to come back but also to refer you to other people in their networks. You should make sure to include links to other blogs, websites and articles in your posts as well.

9- Make a commitment to posting in your blog every day. All it takes is about ten minutes a day, but you can increase your traffic significantly by attracting the attention of search engine spiders.

10- Use Trackback links any time you quote another blog or refer to another blog in your blog. This will send a message to another server, letting them know that you referenced their post in yours.

11- Set up a feed so that Yahoo will continually spider your site.