There is a big difference between being rich, and feeling it. It is not always about the image, or spending money simply to prove a point. Even the elite and wealthy understand this, which is why they save a lot of their cash to begin with.

Yet you shouldn’t have to deny yourself some luxury simply because you are not ‘rich’. By following these simple methods, you can help make yourself feel wealthier, and enjoy the same luxuries as others for a fraction of the cost.

Feel Rich

If you are ever feeling down here are ways to rid that feeling and make yourself “feel” better.

1) Coupons and Deals

Whilst they give the impression of frivolous spending, a lot of the wealthy people maintain their position by being very careful with what they spend. They are always open to coupons and various offers, as you should be.

These deals let you save money in all manner of areas, from holidays to eating out, events to supermarket shopping.

By hunting around and finding the best deals, you can get your usual shopping for cheaper. This way, you haven’t scarified any of your shopping, yet you’ve spent less at the till. By leaving with more money than you usually do, you can feel that little bit wealthier.

2) Sell Unwanted Goods

This sounds simple, but it can actually make you feel rich as it literally gives you more money. By selling everything you no longer want or need, you can both remove old clutter from your house and generate some extra money. This way, you can feel wealthier with the additional money, as well as reducing all the unwanted items that can clutter your home.

3) Understand Prices

A price tag isn’t everything; there is a big difference between pricing and quality. High end fashion, for example, is an area where the name on the label can dramatically affect the price of the garment.

If you wish to feel wealthy but don’t have the funds for high end fashion, shopping around will give you plenty of cheap alternatives that look just as good.

This way you get to look and feel great and richer without having to spend the large amounts of cash normally required. If you stop thinking about the labels, a lot of the time you might not even be able to tell the difference yourself.

4) Plan Ahead

Even rich people don’t always make quick decisions. If you really want something and there isn’t a cheap alternative, then consider saving up for it. This way, you get the product you want, as well as the satisfaction of knowing you purchased it yourself.

Furthermore, without building up debts or using unnecessary credit products, you’re not falling into traps of financial pitfalls. With careful budgeting and planning, you can easily find room to dedicate some extra money to something you really want.

5) Moves To a Cheaper Area

Finally it may actually be the area that you live in is bringing you down, if you live in the centre of a city or a generally busy area, you are no doubt paying for expensive living costs. Both rent and tax are often higher, yet this doesn’t really affect your lifestyle.

If you don’t mind a longer commute, moving out of these less expensive areas will greatly reduce your costs. You could then choose to spend the money you are able to save on more important areas, where you can start to live a more ‘rich’ lifestyle on the same income.