One of the biggest facets of corporate blogging is the facilitation of conversation, but facilitating communication, community and conversation is not limited to boosting traffic or boosting sales, because it can also allow you to come up with new ideas for content.

Blogging Content

If you are looking for new ways to generate content, which is what keeps your blog running in the first, place, consider looking for new ways to facilitate conversation within your blog first, and you may be surprised at how many ideas for new content come up along the way.

If you have something to say that is informative, controversial, or otherwise sparks feedback, ask your readers specifically to give their opinions on what you have written. When someone writes something about what you have posted in your blog, and their comment adds something significant to the issue, you can create additional blog content by creating a post that briefly quotes the commenter, linking back to the original post.

The same thing works if people talk about your blog content in their own blogs. You can create additional content for your own blog by quoting the blogger and linking to their post. Not only will this create content for you, and a nod to someone you know is a reader, but it will also further facilitate conversation about the subject.

If another blogger has something significant to say about something you have posted, consider creating additional content for your corporate blog by inviting them to write as a guest blogger for your corporate blog. Even if their content is a little off topic for your blog, it will still allow people to get to know your blog better and will create additional content for your blog.

Finally, if you really need suggestions for blog content, reach out to your readers directly. Ask your readers for suggestions for further reading resources, best tools, weirdest news, best tips, industry news and anything else that they can recommend for you to check out.

Once you have a significant collection of results, you can post the collection in the form of a link list, or you can post small blurbs in your corporate blog each day, talking about different suggestions that were made. Some of the best items on corporate blogs are simply nods to other information on the internet, so do not feel like you are forced to write your own unique content when there are other options out there.

Facilitating conversation within your blog and between your blog and others is a really smart way to generate new content for your own blog.

You are not forced to write all of your own content when there are other options out there for generating content idea. Get your readers talking, and you may end up with way more content for your corporate blog than you ever thought you would have.