The office environment is very important to the success of your business. Your conference rooms, entryways, and waiting areas are where your clients gather, and they’re where they get their first impression of your company. If your offices are well thought out, spacious, and clean, clients will feel more welcome.

Part of creating an inviting office environment is in the decorating- there are many advantages to including pictures, sculptures and paintings in your office decor.

Expensive Paintings

Your choice in art sets the tone for the interactions that take place within your office. A neat, orderly office leaves clients with a positive first impression; when clients enter a poorly decorated, cluttered office, they begin to doubt the quality of the services the business provides.

Your office decor is also a way to promote your business. Your choice in paint color, furniture and especially wall art should be a reflection of the mission and spirit of your business, and it should also reflect the ideals of your employees.

Office art can reduce employee stress, boost creativity, productivity and morale, and it can also provide a dose of inspiration.

Businesses which display fine art in their offices are viewed as more professional, authoritative and trustworthy by potential and current clients.

Good wall art and sculpture in offices and public areas can bring people through the doors; at first, just to take a peek, but lookers can easily turn into buyers.

Buying art for the office is part of the furnishing process, and in some places, may be eligible for a tax deduction. Depending on the type and value of the artwork, lending it to a museum, gallery or show may mean additional tax benefits.

Investing in art can yield greater returns than playing the stock market. Buying prints by new, established and even deceased artists doesn’t have to be expensive, and depending on the artist and the quality of the work, these prints can easily be sold on the international market.

Buying art for the office by attending gallery openings and museum shows can be a good way to network and build connections with potential clients and customers.

Getting office art from emerging artists is very affordable; many are willing to barter their works for goods and services. The barter system makes collecting investment-grade art more affordable and practical for small-business owners.

There are a lot of reasons to display art in your office. Art can encourage creativity, boost employee morale and motivation, and reduce stress levels.

Displaying fine art, whether it’s oil paintings, watercolors or lithographs will lend an air of sophistication and legitimacy to your business, and the person who admires your art today may become your customer of tomorrow.