It is obvious that the concept of executive blogging is becoming more popular, as businesses small and large are suddenly turning to blogging as a way to convey news and information to their customers and clients.

Still, many companies are wondering if executive blogging is a worthwhile endeavor for them to invest themselves into, especially because it can take some time and effort to get the blogging process started.

Executive Blogging

If you are wondering if executive blogging is a good idea or a bad idea, keep reading, and you may get a much better feel for what makes corporate blogging so advantageous to so many companies. In fact, most people would be hard pressed to name a reason against executive blogging, considering how many benefits are associated with it.

In our new and changing marketplaces, it is becoming absolutely crucial for companies to build relationships with customers that are long and lasting.

In order for a relationship to bloom, it needs to incorporate healthy communication and trust between both parties. There are many different ways that a company or a brand can communicate with its customers such as advertising through the television, through print, through radio, billboards, websites, newsletters, banner advertising and so much more.

Unfortunately, most of these methods of advertising and marketing are impersonal, and they focus on making a sale rather than really reaching out to the readers and the viewers in order to create a strong and lasting relationship.

Most customers do not really mind getting information and news about a company, but they do not generally enjoy having their privacy invaded through marketing gimmicks on a constant basis.

Reaching out to customers in other ways is generally more advantageous because it allows you to build powerful relationships with your customers past, present and future. Customers can go through your blog on their own time and at their own level of convenience.

They can subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed, can leave comments and feedback, and can interact with you through your blog in a variety of different ways. In other words, by blogging, you can create lasting relationships that facilitate good communication between your company and your customers.

A business blog or corporate blog can service as a nicely non intrusive way for you to build and facilitate healthy two way communication with your customers over a long period of time.

This is really easy to achieve, and involves creating plenty of resourceful and useful content keeping customers and other readers coming back for more. Some of the information that you can provide in your blog may include statistics, trends, tips, tools, guides, expert views, interviews and how-to advice relating to your company, industry or products.

With a corporate blog, you can build a large and consistently growing community of loyal readers that you can specifically target whenever you introduce new products or services, without having to pitch marketing campaigns to them. In other words, to answer the question of whether executive blogging is good or bad, the answer is a resounding “Good”!