Directory Submission is a process of adding URL of your website to a web directory. This technique is considered as the most affordable form of link building since the majority of web directories is always free.

Web directories provide a very important link in the process of garnering maximum inflow of targeted traffic to a website so that there is greater possibility of getting customers for the products or services of the website. Directory submission ensures that a greater amount of backlinks are obtained.

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Since the ranking of any site or blog in a search engine is determined by the quality of the inbound links. It becomes essential to get quality links so that a better ranking can be obtained. Submitting your website to top-ranking directories will ensure that a larger quantity of good-quality links will be obtained after successful submission.

Before you begin directory submission, make sure you have the following details in your notepad.

Title: Titile of your site will be your anchor text, so make sure to use the targeted keyword and also write down up to 5-6 tiles and keep changing it during submission.

URL: The URL of your site main homepage or any sub page (if allowed by site administrator).

Description: This needs to be about 2-3 sentence long. Some directory even requires you to submit lengthy description.

Meta Keywords: Keywords that best describe your site.

Meta Description: Description of your site in 160 characters.

Email: This can be your personal email, but some directory needs you to submit your domain email id, so make sure you create one before you start your submission process.

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