Satisfying a customer is really a tough job to do. Promptness, Professionalism, Accuracy, Friendliness, Honesty and Empathy are six traits to follow and meet up with customers’ expectations.

India is growing fast with e-commerce sites and by next few years the main focus will be the online businesses. We have entered the time zone when people are becoming accustomed of purchasing various products and commodities online, rather than going out and roaming.

Customer Service

Change is a constant thing and business procedures are going through the drastic change. Professionalism has become the keyword of success. At first we have to understand our customers’ need and requirement properly. In this article we will discuss about main six traits which a customer seeks while purchasing products or services.


Quick action or promptness is amongst the most important traits one should follow to meet up the customer requirements. Customers’ face lots of problems and always expect to clear those problems from the customer service executives.

Thus, if your customer has any queries, it is your responsibility to clear the airs. Sometimes, it happens that customer generally waits for the long time while communicating with customer service executives.

Most often the phone lines happen to be busy or either there were no person to pick up the call. These incidents actually irritate a customer and they left without patience. So, promptness or acting active is required and very essential to meet up your customers’ expectation.


While dealing with your customer, one should behave like a professional. For intense professionalism one should be proper knowledgeable to answer the customers’ queries with confidence.

A professional customer service executive should guide his or her client in proper manner. Making your customer comfortable is an important job and the first impression is the most important thing. So, make your customer feel about how much you care? Talking polite and maintaining good manner is necessary.

Dressing properly is also a part of your professionalism. A customer should find the customer service executive very well-dressed, decent and with good personality. If your client is impressed with your charming personality, it makes you have own the half of the battle.


Customer service executives provide information or guide the clients to the proper way. Providing accurate or exact information is mandatory. Customers’ feel secure when they are provided with the exact information.

Your statistics should be exact while sharing any data with the customers’. Trust is the main thing which is expected by the customers’ from businessmen. So, taking care of the accuracy is required while providing data to your customers’.


We all know about the phrase “a friend is in need”. Customer service executives are basically like friends who help the clients in their needs.

So, a customer service executive should behave friendly with all customers’ and make them feel comfortable. It is important to guide your customers’ in a friendly way.

Again being friendly and not crossing the line are two different things. So, while communicating a customer service executive should not cross the line in any way. Maintaining proper decorum is required while dealing with the clients.


Trust and Honesty are the two pillars which lend a bridge between the clients and businessmen. If you be honest with your customers, the trust factor will automatically develop between the two.

Sometimes, companies do not able to meet the deadline of delivering products or services. Many business organizations try to make fool or give excuses to increase the deadline.

Customers’ always are fond of truths where the business is concerned. It can happen when a company also suffers from the crisis, so be frank and honest to your customers’. May be you can get help from your clients as well.


You can experience clients who are going through some really bad phase and throwing some tantrums. But all you have to do is deal it with enough patience.

A good customer service executive always put himself or herself in to the shoes of customer. Be empathetic and always give your shoulder to your customers at their tough times.

Be calm and patience while your customers are upset. A customer needs to be sensitive and care for the clients. So, follow these six traits and handle your clients with care.