A company cannot thrive if it does not offer a quality customer experience. By collecting customer satisfaction surveys a company can perfect their customer experience, and simply by paying close attention to the finer details it is enough to set a company a part from its competitors.

Let’s face it, satisfied customers increase the likelihood of “word of mouth” referrals and repeat business, so it is worth examining these critical metrics.

Customer Satisfaction

What are Customer Metrics?

Customer metrics are the results of customer surveys. The value of customer metrics is that they offer more than just numbers. They help a company to form a better understanding of the characteristics, opinions and attitudes of their target market.

Such information is valuable for designing customer services options, helping to train quality staff members, and even for creating successful advertising campaigns.

There are five customer satisfaction metrics that a company should pay attention to:

Customer Expectation – “Does our service meet your expectations?”

Recommend Company to Others – “Would you recommend our company to a friend?”

Customer Experience – “How did our company’s service compare to your ideal service?”

Level Of Satisfaction – “Overall, how satisfied are you with our services?”

Repeat Business – “Do you intend to use our company again?”

How To Gather Customer Metrics

To receive a realistic measure of a customer’s experience it is important to conduct customer satisfaction surveys.

There are many online tools online that offers a range of collection methods that make it easy for customers to give your business quality feedback.

Customers provide feedback through telephone services, personal computers or mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Receipts – With an invitation printed on the back, customers are encouraged to complete a survey on their cell phone, landline or online.

Email – Email invitations direct customers to take part in phone or online surveys.

Text Messaging – Using smartphone technology, companies send out invitations to customers to engage in surveys.

SMS Messaging – Invite customers to respond to an SMS customer feedback survey.

QR Codes – An excellent mobile customer support option that gives instant feedback.

Signage – Create advertising to draw attention to feedback opportunities.

Social Media – Create a presence in the realm of social media and direct customers to online surveys.

Outbound Dial – Mindshare offers a telephone survey support.

Website – Customer feedback and surveying is attached to the company’s website.

The bottom line is that good customer metrics provides information that is reliable, valid and useful for a company to continue to perfect their customers’ experience.

Having a range of collection methods increases the likelihood of customers completing the surveys. It really can’t be made any easier.