If you were one of the early adopters of corporate blogging, or if you are on the fence about whether or not it is a solid form or promotion, recent statistics show that more companies than ever are getting their feet wet and beginning to take blogging seriously.

What does this mean for the small business blogger or those that are trying to dominate their niche? There has never been a better time to get established and to do it quickly.

Corporate Blogging

Although market flooding is certainly a long way off in the future, as corporate blogging becomes more acceptable, it is only a matter of time before the majority of big name companies give it a try. While all will not be successful, they have the power of promotion behind them that the little guys do not.

This doesn’t mean that you should give up however, in fact, this should be the impetus you need to get your blog started today, not tomorrow.

Why is corporate blogging going mainstream?

Many believe that this is due to the fact that it is a powerful medium, at least when utilized correctly. There are plenty of disaster stories out there of corporate blogs gone bad, but there are far more success stories that are fueling the fire. Even some of the oldest companies in the world are now trying their hands at corporate blogging and it is paying off generously.

One of the main reasons that corporate blogging is so effective, and is growing in popularity so quickly is that it gives companies the rare opportunity to personally reach out to their customers and grow their businesses. While overt pitches and shady dealings are quickly discovered, it’s the solid blog owners, that keep posting every day and giving quality information are rising to the top.

Dominating a niche is important no matter what business you’re in, and a corporate blog can accomplish this in many different ways. First and foremost, from an SEO point of view, you are creating hundreds of pages of optimized content that can be indexed and ranked. If you do this correctly, you can easily dominate the first few pages of results for your keywords.

You can also dominate a niche by establishing your company as the authority, before your competitors do. We highly recommend that business owners do some research into what their competitors are doing. If they aren’t blogging yet, that is the perfect time to reach out and grab an audience before someone else does.

There are millions of blogs out there, and more are created every day, and for those that don’t want to get swept under the carpet, taking the time to establish that authority now will definitely pay off in the future.

The face of corporate blogging will continue to evolve and change, but for now, it is clear that it is going mainstream and before long, the majority of companies will be taking advantage of it in one way or another.